Step 1 of 4: Heart Line
Is Your Heart Line Straight Or Does It Curve Upwards?

Step 2 of 4: Head Line
Is Your Head Line Long (more than halfway across the palm) Or Short (less than halfway across the palm)?

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Step 3 of 4: Life Line
Is Your Lifeline Long (reaches the bottom of your palm) Or Short (only reaches halfway of your palm)?

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Step 4 of 4: Fate Line
Does Your Fate Line Start Higher (halfway up your palm) Or Lower (from the bottom of your palm)?

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Your Destiny Is Written In Your Hands

Palm Reading has always been the most sought after and the most common astrological tool of reading one's destiny and predicting one's future. A person's palm and the lines are the complete and true reflection of that person and it allows precise insights into the person's past, present and future. One can make future predictions about a person's health, his / her married life, education and also about the overall personality by interpreting the lines of the palm. The answers you'll discover from your palm will surprise you.